Sanity in Insanity


Act Sane.


Prepare, Not Predict

Positioning portfolios to benefit from uncertainty and volatility As I highlighted in my previous post, the world is more uncertain than ever before. A majority of academicians and so-called experts are busy in predicting the impact on economy, financial markets and otherwise. None of them can have and will have any conviction of what isContinue reading “Prepare, Not Predict”

Why I am investing in Tata Power?

Tata Power Has 3 major business segments – Electricity generation via Coal T&D (Transmission & Distribution) Electricity generation (RE)- Wind and Solar Additionally, it holds coal Mines to source Coal for Electricity Generation Due to the nature of the business, Tata Power has strong and predictable cash flows on account of long-term PPAs with theContinue reading “Why I am investing in Tata Power?”


3 Pillars of Financial Freedom

There is an old saying ” Spend the interest, Never the principal ” . For a salaried employee, it translates into “Don’t spend the salary, only spend the interest income”

Utilising Lockdown to sharpen investment strategy

Covid-19 lockdown provided me sufficient time and mental peace to rethink the approach in life, my philosophies and the fundamentals I believe in.

Averaging-out Investment Principle

Auto-Investing same amount of money on a monthly basis is touted as one of the best strategies to average the buying cost. However, I was always a bit skeptical in the above principle, especially during the times when the markets are inflated in valuation

Why ROC matters, not P/E ratio

With regards to value investing approach, a majority of financial articles published in the top financial papers/magazines tell you to find and invest in undervalued stocks that have fallen the most, and currently have low P/E ratios

Covid 19 Impact on Stock Market

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