Work and Feelings Underneath

I don’t know why 21st century makes us so much objective driven that we justify our existence solely on the personal outcomes achieved at work place. Objective driven approach makes us blind to the emotions and feelings of others . We tend to lose sympathy with people, as our attachment to results increase. Sometimes these are our own created desires and sometimes they are driven by corporate incentives created to drive results in short period of time, ignoring the means underneath .

It pains me deeply when work leads people to develop hatred and anger towards their co-workers. While it may be right that the person one is anguished about is not moral or intelligent or rational than us, but I always wonder, is hatred or anguish still justified? I have seen people’s hatred gone to extreme levels to wish all kinds of ill will, and bad outcomes for the other person. It is even more abominable when such feelings are directed towards people who are 10-20 years older than yourself and of one’s father’s age.

Moral ethics have always preached us to respect the elders, even if they are wrong. You may try to show them the right path, if they happen to do wrong sometimes, but it never taught to hate or aspire evil to them , even at the course of personal loss. It was meant out of deep love of humanity. Everyone has that good side of theirs, which gets clouded in daily affairs. These people , who may be doing wrong to you, also have a family , are a father, mother, son, or daughter to someone. There is someone who is waiting for them every evening, like our own family . It never justifies this feeling to desire bad health or evil for anyone, at any cost.

I am more and more realising that the work done is of no value, if the feelings behind it are not of love and sympathy . I would not want to accomplish any task , no matter how relevant to my existence, my organisation or state, if my underneath feelings are ill-intended . May God give me wisdom to act in the above manner and never be blinded to accomplish results.

With this approach, you may not reach to the zenith of the artificially designed hierarchical status in the corporations , but your heart and conscience will be content that you did justice to your existence in the world. When others around us are immoral or irrational or unjust, it provides us a much bigger reason to be otherwise. It is very easy to term this approach as impractical. It is certainly difficult, but we can take solace from the fact that we have cracked so many challenges in life with our hard work, so why not this!

There is no end to the trap of achievements. I don’t even know , even if we achieve everything, get all tasks completed as we desire , what would we get in the end? What value is it without the right feelings underneath that work. !

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